Sunday, August 9, 2009

HH and Only in Israel: Drinks edition

We experienced a heartwarmingly beautiful only-in-Israel story over Shabbat. But first:

The last edition of Haveil Havalim is available here. Special thanks to Baila for including my post on the one-year Israel programs - then and now and also my post on packing for the machaneh.

And now this:

On Friday night, just after we had finished our meal, we received word that our neighborhood’s water supply had apparently been contaminated.

B”H, we had enough bottled water on hand to make it through Shabbat, and we served only juice and soda during Shabbat lunch and at seudah shlishit.

Here’s the only-in-Israel part:

On Shabbat morning in shul, they announced that the owner of one of the local grocery stores (i.e. makolet for the Hebraically-oriented among you) – who also happens to live in the affected area – had thoughtfully placed cases of drink in front of his store.

Everyone was invited to help themselves to as much as they needed. The necessary financial arrangements would wait until after Shabbat.

!מי כעמך ישראל

“Who is like Your nation Israel…”

(Divrei HaYamim I 17:21)


  1. Hello!

    I just found your blog.

    I am enjoying reading your posts. I am a Jew who was brought up non-observant and have been learning what it means to be Jewish over the last year.

    So much to learn.

    Thank you for your wonderful blog.

    Melissa (Masha)

  2. Melissa - Welcome! Thank you so much for your very kind words.

  3. I like stories like that.
    When my sister lived in Ramat Gan (many years ago) her corner makolet guy used to open a bit later than usual. The fresh pitas were delivered early in the morning and left in front of the locked door. Customers would help themselves to pitas and stop by later in the day to pay for them. No one thought that this was at all strange.
    It's nice that some things in Israel are still being done the old fashioned way.

  4. I like your story too. You are lucky to have such a caring grocery store owner in the neighborhood.

  5. SuperRaizy and Ilana-Davita - Yes, it really was very nice and thoughtful of him. And it's even nicer that the water is now B"H back to normal...


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