Wednesday, August 26, 2009

To go or not to go…

As many of you are aware, the Second Annual J-Bloggers Convention is rapidly approaching.

Last year, although I was fairly new to the whole blogging scene, I was intrigued by the idea. However, we had to be somewhere else that same day, and so I didn’t have to make a decision either way.

Which brings me to this year.

I can think of several good reasons to go… but also plenty of reasons not to go.

Yet, rather than turn this into an angst-filled, navel-gazing post – which, as long-term readers know, is definitely not my style – I’ll open this up to you.

What do you think I should do?

In other words (if you’ll excuse my NASA-speak), go/no-go?

As always, please show your work…



  1. Oh, you should totally go. It'll be fun.
    Besides, hanging out in a room full of English speaking bloggers in Israel will give you plenty of posting material for your Heblish series.

  2. at least tell us the reasons not to go....

  3. I have the same dilemma, and I'm anxiously waiting to see what your readers will recommend. Although now I'm having some third grade thoughts: "I'll go if you do..."

  4. I'm with Rafi--I wanna hear the reasons you shouldn't go--and not the ones about your kids and supper and homework and obligations.

    I vote that you come. The event was fun last year. Maybe it took itself a bit to seriously, but I had fun. And I was plenty nervous about walking into a room full of people I knew only by their blog names.

    Just do it. At the very least you get an excellent deli sandwich.

  5. Raizy - Heblish blog fodder! No more needs to be said...

    Rafi G. and Baila - Well, besides the various and sundry technical/logistical issues - most of which, I admit, I *probably* could work around if I really, really wanted to - there are the Big Philosophical Considerations: Do I want to lose yet another layer of my semi-anonymity? Doesn't one feel very "stuck" (to use the Heblish term) in a room full of people one has only met online? And won't all my relatives who tease me about my blogging have a field day with my going to the convention...

    Toby - Should we just do it? YZG (aka "Mr. S.") keeps saying to me, "You know you really want to!" Send me an email, and we'll talk...

  6. Oh, I think you should go, and you should remind Baila to say "Hi" to me. Or you should say hi to me. Very selfish reasoning here.

    Oh, yeah, the anonymity reasons come out. Well, I think you write too well to be anonymous. How's that for reasoning? (easy for me to say, I just type this from far away)

  7. I'll probably be late, unless classes are cancelled. I'll be teaching in Ofra, and davka, Sunday is the late day, until 3pm.

    I want to f2f with all of jbloggers!

    Please come!

  8. You could give it a try. Then next year you'd know if you wanted to go or not! Yet I understand the anonymity issue.
    Shabbat Shalom.

  9. Leora - Thanks for your kind words.

    Batya - Getting to meet all of my blogging friends in "real life" is one of the main reasons why I'm seriously considering going.

    Ilana-Davita - Good point. Have a great week!


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