Friday, August 14, 2009

Fish Tank Friday

Welcome to the inaugural edition of “Fish Tank Friday”*.

Now, before you start picturing elaborate aquariums with expensive filtration systems and exotic sea life, I should hasten to dissuade you of that notion.

In fact, it’s not exactly an actual tank, per se.

Indeed, I daresay that most people would refer to it as “a cheap plastic container with jagged holes in the lid and a common goldfish inside.”

But I’ll let you be the judge:

IMG_6074 IMG_6095IMG_6093His name is Fish.

This somewhat prosaic yet highly descriptive name was chosen by his owner – a Shiputzim daughter, who acquired her watery pet about a year and a half ago. Ever since then, remembering to feed Fish daily and change his water every week or so has become the bane of the Shiputzim family’s existence Fish has become a dear and treasured member of the family.

Meanwhile, in keeping with today’s theme, here’s one of the many things the Shiputzim children have been doing since their day camps ended:

IMG_5917 “Aquatic Diorama” by ENG

IMG_6034 “Under the Sea” by TSG


* Of course, today’s post could have easily been divided into two parts: a “Fauna Friday” post and also a “Fine Arts Friday” post. But as you may have figured out by now, I’ve never found a fake-themed Friday which I haven’t favored. For instance, would you fancy a future post entitled, “Faux Themes Friday”? I could focus on all the forced yet fascinating Friday themes which have been featured on this forum…


!שבת שלום ומבורך


  1. Great idea for a tank apparently if the fish has survived this long.
    Nice art too!

  2. Ilana-Davita - Ironically, relatives of ours - who have a fancy aquarium with a state-of-the-art filter and feed their exotic fish only special fish food - find that their fish keep dying on them. But our common goldfish - who lives in a makeshift "tank" and is fed crumbs of cereal and bread - is BA"H thriving...

  3. Assuming we are the relatives ;) I would like to say a word in our defense. The fish arent't doing so badly now. It's true that we seemed to have "killed off" a goodly number but they are doing better now b"h (or should that be poo poo poo). It's almost two weeks since any of the fish "have moved on". And (and that's a big and) we even have babies now who are growing. Our last observer (as in ESG) said we had 5 babies. So there ;)

  4. Imma - It's almost two weeks since any of the fish "have moved on"./
    Wow! Almost two whole weeks, huh? Talk about longevity...

  5. More fish stories: In America we had fancy 50 gallon tank and one day came home to find that all the fish had died at once. I was totally freaked out by that--wanted to sell the house. It turns out there was an electrical short circuit, and well, talk about "fried fish".

    I also had a neighbor whose son won a goldfish in a Purim carnival. How she hated that fish! She NEVER changed the water and fed him--well not as often as she should have. This fish DID NOT DIE. For all I know it may still be alive. When I moved the fish was like three years old and lovin' his green water.

  6. Baila - This fish DID NOT DIE.
    Yes, we have the exact same problem... Er... Ahem... I mean, we are simply THRILLED that our fish comes from such hardy stock...


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