Friday, May 15, 2009

“To be early is to be on time”

Those of you who know the Shiputzim family in real life are aware that we’re somewhat in favor of fanatic zealots about the early Shabbat minyan on summer Fridays.

Indeed, YZG has been serving as the gabbai of our local early minyan for many years now, and not coincidentally, a significant number of our relatives fill similar roles in their respective communities.

Moreover, the advantages are so obvious to us that we are bemused and bewildered by the fact that the vast majority of the Shabbat-observant world votes with their feet in favor of the regular minyan.

And so, I stand sit here today to proselyte.

I’m not even going to address issues such as having the kids awake for the entire meal, having the adults awake for the entire meal, having time to go for an evening stroll after the meal, etc.

Instead, I’m going to share a little-known secret about the early minyan:

It gives me time to blog.

Yes, that’s right. Ironically, I find that I have more time on Fridays when we make early Shabbat.

You see, I can’t light the Shabbat candles until after plag hamincha. And I don’t have to light the candles until just before YZG and the kids come home from shul. (Yes, I realize that some people have the custom of lighting earlier. As usual, CYLOR.)

But, the house is usually clean, the food is usually cooked, and everyone is usually showered by the time they leave for shul.

Which means that I have about an hour to do… well, whatever I want.

And, today, the thing that I wanted to do was write this post…


!שבת שלום ומבורך


  1. That explains why many people don't make early shabbos - they don't have blogs to write.

  2. We used to make early Shabbos much more frequently until our kids got older and started to protest that it was "too American!" (about the worst insult possible). I agree with you though that for me, it makes no difference in terms of getting ready for Shabbos-I have the same amount of time either way. However, one thing I don't like about early Shabbos is that it deprives me of my favorite time of the week-sitting down with a good book in that peaceful time after candlelighting (or going to visit good friends :-))

  3. We've started Shabbos early ever since I can remember. No little kids here anymore, either. My favorite part is the time alone before lighting the candles and when they get home. Getting to sleep early is a plus, too!

  4. YZG - LOL! Of course, that implies that all the people who make early Shabbos DO keep blogs - which is something I have trouble believing...

    Malke - protest that it was "too American!" |
    A few years ago, a certain Israeli started coming to the early minyan. After a few weeks, he told YZG that he was now "a real American"...
    or going to visit good friends :-) |
    I miss having a chance to catch up with you too!

    Debbie - Getting to sleep early is a plus, too! |
    This past Shabbat, I was asleep by 9:30. Meanwhile, our son in yeshiva said that his Friday night meal didn't even end until 11 PM!


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