Sunday, January 25, 2009

OLD, STALE NEWS: Our Shiputzim undergoes [extremely minor] shiputzim

Before I get to the title, here are two important blogging announcements:

  1. The latest edition of Haveil Havalim is available here. Special thanks to SuperRaizy for including my Heblish IV post.
  2. The latest Kosher Cooking Carnival is available here. Special thanks to Ilana-Davita for including my cucumber salad post.

And in other news, the Our Shiputzim editorial department recently received the following letter:

Dear Our Shiputzim, How come you haven’t blogged about the changes you made to the blog last week? Also, why don’t you change the blog’s name to something more appropriate? Thanks, A Concerned Reader

They, in turn, asked that I post this response:

Dear Concerned,

Thanks for your letter.

Since all we did was make some minor changes to the text(e.g. the tag-line and the blurb on the top right) without touching the overall look and feel, we didn’t think there was anything to blog about.

Besides, it’s somewhat of a catch-22. You see, the reason we made those changes was to show that we’re no longer blogging about our shiputzim (renovations). But that means that we can’t blog about those changes either, since those changes are, in effect, shiputzim in and of themselves…

And to answer your second question: Back in the summer, when the blog moved away from our renovations, the original name was maintained, because we had an established and well-respected brand laziness ruled the day.

Of course, if I was the effusive and lyrical type, I could claim that the name is appropriate. I could wax poetic and explain that life is all about improving ourselves and the world around us.

Or something like that.

But that’s not exactly my style, and so this blog will just have to make do with its misrepresentative name.


The Our Shiputzim Editor-in-Chief



  1. Mazel tov. I didn't even notice the changes.

  2. Mother in Israel - Considering the extremely limited scope of the changes, I can't imagine that anybody noticed them...

  3. I like the name. Poetic, yes.

    (Changes? huh?)

  4. Leora - Thanks. At least it's a better name than "Mrs. S."!


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