Sunday, January 25, 2009

Accept no imitations

Shavua tov!

On Thursday, after four days of fever and coughing, I finally gave in and went to the doctor.

The diagnosis?

A case of the “real flu, not one of those imitations,” were the doctor’s exact words.

(Okay, maybe not his exact words. After all, his exact words were: “שפעת אמיתית, לא אחד מהזיופים האלו”, but I think you get the general idea.)

I must confess that I was actually quiet pleased with myself. In fact, since Thursday, I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to have a conversation along the following lines:

Other person: So, what do you have?

Me: (oh-so-modestly) An authentic case of the flu.

OP: (impressed) Wow! I just have a generic virus.

Me: (with not more than a touch of condescension and superiority) Oh, really? Well, I guess you wanted to save a few agurot, but personally, I find that the quality just isn’t the same. Still, whatever works for you…



  1. Feel good! Doesn't sound fun. Garlic, ginger, lemon, hot pepper sauce in hot water (not necessarily all together!). When you are feeling up to eating, lots of veggies, especially dark green ones. That's my prescription, no charge. ;-)

  2. Leora - Thank you. B"H I'm feeling much better than I did last week.

  3. An authentic case of the flu! Pshhh, I'm very impressed!(You obviously have very special germs.)

  4. SuperRaizy -
    /*blushes modestly*/
    Aw, gee, shucks...


  5. Refuah shleimah, please be careful. The worst thing about the real McFlu is that recovery is slow. so don't push yourself.

    My medicine, fresh lemon squeezed in water, not hot. No honey. Take that a couple of times a day. Generally, by the time just the thought of it makes you nauseous, you're better. Dark miso as a clear soup with boiling water, let it cool, is also good to balance the system.

  6. Batya - "The real McFlu" - LOL!
    Thanks for the suggestions.

  7. I think I have a similar virus (spent the whole day in bed with a fever, nose, etc).

    On the bright side, was able to blog a bit more than usual :)

  8. Jameel - Refuah shlaimah! Who knew that the flu could spread via the Blogosphere?


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