Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Our Shiputzim: YOUR source for OUR literary compositions

To help the girls deal with their fears and concerns about the war, TSG’s teacher had the class write stories.

When TSG showed me her story with its charming spelling mistakes she asked if I could please post it on the blog.

[Brief digression: As you may have noticed, all of our kids are intrigued by this blog – albeit in different ways. Some of them find it amusing; others wonder why I bother; and still others are always asking me to post things about them. TSG, clearly, falls into the latter category…]

Anyway, I told her that I would post the story, but it had to be translated into English. Here, then, is her translation, which she dictated to me:

The Kassams in Sderot: A Work of Fiction by TSG

One day, I went to visit my friend Temima. We went to the park. We went on the swings. We played, and we had fun.

All of the sudden, I heard “tzeva adom,” and I was very scared. Then I almost fell, and Temima told me, “Run to our miklat (bomb shelter)!”


“I will tell you on the way… There’s [sic] Kassams in Sderot, Ashdod, Nitzan, and a lot more places.”

When we got to the miklat, I looked out the window, and I saw a mouse. Temima said to me, “Close the window! The Kassam will come into our house!”

“Wait! First, I need to bring the mouse in.” So, I ran fast out of the house, and I brought him inside. Then we closed the window.

When they told them to go out of the miklat, we played next to the house, and I told Temima, “I hope there won’t be any more Kassams in Sderot and in all of Am Yisrael.”

And I went home.

The End


P.S. Exercise for the reader: See how many Heblish-isms you can spot in the above story.

P.S.S. In case you were wondering (and I can only assume that you were), TSG informs me that she got the name “Temima” from Shifra Glick’s Shikufitzky books.


  1. Great title! I hardly notice the Hebrishisms anymore.

  2. Me neither. I guess it's a sign that I've been here too long that I only picked up one Heblishism(in all of Am Yisrael...). By the way, I heard a good one from one of my kids the other day-"in the close time" (bazman hakarov)

  3. Years ago I had a friend who was very bright but didn't know much Hebrew. He would get very irritated listening to a rabbi's speech that didn't have Hebrew translated.

    It's very different that my own son's compositions. He has battles, but it is always in a fantasy land.

  4. MiI - Not only do I not notice the Heblishisms, but I even find myself using them upon occasion. I just hope that none have found their way into my professional work...

    Malke - Isn't it good that we've all spent so much money on our children's Dovrei Anglit classes?

    Leora - My son likes to draw comic books and has whole notebooks filled with his illustrated fantasy stories.
    And no, he didn't do ALL of them during class time... :-) *

    * I showed this comment to my son, and he said that I could post it.


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