Monday, January 19, 2009

Turning back into a pumpkin

Unless you’ve been avoiding the J-Blogosphere over the past week and a half, you’re probably aware that I posted an incredible story about an IDF chaplain.

Why am I mentioning this now, you ask?

Good question.

You see, super-blogger Jameel generously placed a link to my post on his blog; a number of other bloggers soon picked up the story; and the rest, as they say, was history.

(Question – Who are “they”, and when have they ever said this? Inquiring minds want to know.)

But I digress.

My point is that my blog stats suddenly soared. Just to give you a basis for comparison, note that at the beginning of that week, I received a mere 28-37 hits a day. However, in the two hours following Jameel’s post, my SiteMeter recorded a total of 264 hits! The following day, I received 500 hits, and the momentum continued on into the next week.

Thus, for one brief shining moment - {cue: music from Camelot} - I could pretend that I was one of the big bloggers. Visions of ad revenue danced in my head.

But then came the blogging equivalent of the clock striking midnight: I went back to my standard blogging fare, and all those new readers started returning to wherever it was that they came from.

Commenter “Be All You Can Be” – who, in his capacity of official Our Shiputzim military advisor, knows a thing or two about strategy and tactics – told me that I should be working on retaining these readers. According to him, the idea is to stick with what works. In my case, he claims, that would of course be… roof views.

And so, new readers, before you move on to other venues, please take a moment to check out the “Roof” label on the right. You may find something there that interests you.

Or, maybe not…



  1. that is definitely a unique series of posts that we probably will not find by any other blogger!!

  2. Rafi G - Very true. In fact, the Our Shiputzim statistical department has determined that the number of J-bloggers who have posted pictures of our roof is statistically negligible...

  3. that is mainly because we don't want to pay you royalties!!

  4. Rafi G - I hear you, but just think of all the increased traffic you're sure to get if you post roof views. It should more than make up for the royalties...

  5. I guess my link wasn't worth much. ;)

    Seriously, this is only the beginning. You have all of the right skills--humor, appropriate self-deprecating tone, an eye for interesting posts, and clean writing. But maybe you should start a separate blog for the shiputzim. Just a suggestion!

  6. MiI - Thank you for your very kind words! Also, I really do appreciate your link, which generated a considerable amount of traffic in its own right. Here's the post in question, for those who missed it:

    Finally, I agree that the shiputzim posts are distracting, and I'm working on some changes which will change the blog's emphasis. (B"H the work was finished months ago, and so I don't blog about the renovations anymore anyway.)

  7. I'll have to consider a semi-weekly shiputzim feature...

    I'm always glad to send traffic for good posts...keep in mind that my blog started out tiny...and with the war on a lull, my traffic is significantly decreased as well.

  8. Jameel - Yeah, "a semi-weekly shiputzim feature" should be just the thing to regain all your wartime traffic...

    Thanks again for the link!


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