Tuesday, July 19, 2011

“Name That Country!” --- Tiebreaker

Welcome back to Name. Thaaaaat. Country!

{applause sign lights up, and studio audience claps dutifully}

As you saw, before we headed out to the commercial break, our exciting final round ended in a tie, and so we’ll have a lightning round as a tiebreaker.

Are you ready, contestants?

{contestants try not to look as nervous as they feel}

We’re going to show you two items, and then the talented “Name That Country!” Players will act out another scene.

Afterwards, you’ll have a mere 15 seconds on the clock to correctly name. thaaaaat. country!

And, of course, we’ll provide those of you playing along at home {blows a kiss in the direction of the camera} with extra clues, which will appear on your TV screens during the round.

Here goes!

Please look at the monitor, where you’ll see two emails which were each posted on a community email list somewhere in the country we’re talking about.

The first one:

קרוב משפחתי מחפש לקנות רכב מסוג יונדאי טרג'ט 2002-2005. באם ידוע לך על רכב כזה אשמח להעביר לו.

(Loose translation: “One of my relatives is looking to buy a Hyundai Trajet 2002-2005. If you know of such a car, I’ll be glad to forward the information to him.”)

And the second one:

חברים שלנו מחפשים לקנות מיצובישי ספייס וואגן. האם מישהו יודע על רכב כזה למכירה?

(Loose translation: “Our friends want to purchase a Mitsubishi Space Wagon. Does anyone know of one that’s for sale?”)

[Clue #1The potential buyer, rather than the seller, is the one doing the advertising.]

Can you name. thaaaaat. country! yet, contestants?

{contestants, who look more worried than ever, attempt brave smiles}

Well, don’t worry, because we still have a scene for you, which takes place in {consults card} a parking lot.

Aaaaand action!

{Scene: A parking lot}

Man: {parks and gets out of his car, which appears to be about 2-3 years old}

Random Stranger: {approaches Man} How does your car drive? Are you happy with it? How many miles per gallon kilometers per liter does it get?

[Clue #2 – The man doesn’t mind that he was accosted by a complete stranger.]

Man: {gladly answers all the questions}

Random Stranger: Would you like to sell it to me?

[Clue #3Once again, the first move is made by the buyer.]

Thank you, “Name That Country!” Players!

And now, contestants, you have fifteen seconds…

{clock starts ticking}

15, 14, 13, 12…



.צום קל ומועיל

Have an easy and meaningful fast, and may all the fast days soon be transformed into festivals and days of joy.


  1. "Have an easy and meaningful fast, and may all the fast days soon be transformed into festivals and days of joy."

    Amen! Wishing you an easy fast as well . . .

  2. Thanks for the smiles. Wonder how much these space wagons cost and how the bargaining process goes ... (OK, not really, I'm lying just to continue the topic).

    Go fast day conversions into festivals! Rah on that one.

  3. Funny, I had never thought about the absurdity of the first scenario, that happens all the time in our community.
    And - the second one happened to me! In a gas station!

  4. Leora - LOL! :-)

    Toby - "I had never thought about the absurdity of the first scenario"
    And that's how you know that your klitah is complete... :-)


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