Saturday, December 12, 2009

Dreidel (Dreidel());

Shavua tov!

Some people play dreidel for money. Others use chocolate chips, toothpicks, or little colored candies.

But here in TRLEOOB*, we take a rather recursive approach and play dreidel for… dreidels.

In other words, the “pot” consists of dreidels of various sizes, shapes and colors, and the winner is the player who ends up with the most dreidels.

What does your family use for your dreidel games?

Here’s a selection from the Shiputzim family’s dreidel collection:

IMG_0144 If you look very carefully, you can see which dreidels predate our aliyah and which ones were acquired here in Israel.

!חנוכה שמח


*TRLEOOB=the real life equivalent of our blog


  1. Wow - that's an impressive collection! We usually play for adashim (those fake m&m's).

  2. What a great collection. I used to have a whole bunch; they mysteriously disappeared when my boys were younger. I bought 5 on Friday.

    Pennies, if someone actually plays. We mostly just spin them. I can do upside down.

    FYI, Thursday Challenge this week (a photo meme) is TOYS... so I've been photographing dreidels.

  3. The title says it all so well.
    Chanukah sameach,

  4. There's something so self-referential about playing dreidel for dreidels. It's almost like a structuralist critique. (grad school terms still come back to me). I'm adding your blog to my blog links at
    Happy Chanukah,

  5. Yaffa - Thanks, and חנוכה שמח to you too!

    Toby - One's klitah is complete when one stops thinking of adashim as "fake M&M's". I'm definitely not there yet...

    Leora - I'm very impressed that you can spin them upside down! (And yeah, the truth is that we mostly just spin them too.)

    SPYYMZ - I was hoping someone would notice the title! :-) See you on Thursday IY"H.

    Ariella - Welcome! It's nice to reconnect with old friends.

  6. We "play" with the draidels
    for ten agoorot coins.

    (By the way we will be meeting on shabat

  7. YAT - What happened to Shabbat Irgun? Are they pushing it off to Vayigash, like ESG's snif?

  8. Orli came home from school saying she needs to take some sevivonim to school for her party. She looked through our collection and said, "Mah Zeh Fadicha!!!! These are all from chul! I can't take them to school!"

  9. Baila - LOL! That IS a fadichah! But then again, when one's parents are American olim, pretty much EVERYTHING is a fadichah...

  10. I guess that is what happened!

    but the problem is that its erev asara btevet.:(

  11. YAT - I wonder why they didn't just make it the week after the girls' Shabbat Irgun, like they usually do?

  12. Because they wanted to make ut totally seprite from the girls.


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