Sunday, October 12, 2008

Mazal tov: Hanachat Tefillin edition

Helloooo, Our Shiputzim fans!

The food-related post mentioned in last night's post is almost ready to go, but meanwhile, we interrupt this blog to wish a very special מזל טוב to our very dear MAG on his הנחת תפילין this morning.

Here’s a picture of MAG’s beautiful tefillin bag, which his Savta needle-pointed for him (As always, you can click on the picture for a closer view):

IMG_3265 editied

Credits for the photography and for blurring MAG’s name on the bottom: The Chief of Photography

And now back to your regularly scheduled blog…


  1. Beautiful. And mazel tov.

    My second in line is going to lein his first haftorah in a few weeks. I am so proud of him!

    So wonderful to have a needlepoint tefillin bag from a Savta (my eldest got one from his Bubby). I wonder if the next generation will be so lucky...

    (Good job to Photo Chief).

  2. מזל טוב
    may we continue to see such שמחות
    and seeing what is really important
    to your family.

  3. Leora - How exciting that your son is going to be leining! Is he under bar mitzvah age? I remember that my brothers leined the haftorah even b/4 their bar mitzvahs, but apparently, that's not done here in our shul.

    It IS incredibly special to have a tefillin bag from one's grandmother. This same Savta has been making them for all of her grandsons B"AH. (Maybe the Chief of Photography will post a picture of his own bag.) Each bag is unique and distinctive, but all are equally beautiful.

  4. "Big Smile" -
    Mazal tov to you as well! It means so much to us that you both are part of the simchah. May you continue to have much nachat from all your children and grandchildren B"AH.

  5. We're making our first barmitzvah soon, iy"H, and hanachat tefillin in a couple of weeks' time. I'm trying to find out what people do to mark the occasion - people here don't seem to make a big thing out of it, but I think it's a significant life event and it seems a shame not to mark it in some way. What did you do for your boys?

  6. Mrs Belogski - Mazal tov and may you continue to have much nachat! Please send me an email to ourshiputzim at gmail dot com, and I'll be more than happy to tell you what we did.


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