Sunday, October 17, 2010

One hundred and five percent?

At first glance, it’s a seemingly innocent container of jelly, er, confiture:IMG_2593

But a closer look at the label reveals a curious factoid:

IMG_2592Translation: “Strawberry Confiture. Contains at least 45% fruit. Contains 60% sugar…”

Apparently someone hasn’t quite mastered the idea of percentages.

Perhaps the following classic from Square One TV can help:

Although the quality of the video leaves something to be desired, the song itself is still as awesome as ever…


Any other Square One fans out there?


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  1. I loved square one! Where else do you use the fibbinacci sequence to solve a crime?

  2. I've never even heard of Square One, but that song sounds like it was written by Jim Steinam (the guy who wrote most of Meatloaf's songs).

  3. Rachel - LOL! "My name is Monday. I'm a mathematician..." :-)

    Cosmic X - No problem. Thanks for all your efforts!

    Miriyummy - I believe that was the idea. Square One had a whole series of funny music video parodies. Two of my favorites were Mathematics of Love (about Roman numerals) and Neighborhood Super Spy (about cryptography).

  4. Sometimes, when you're making jelly, you jut have to give it a little more than your best... ;)

  5. What's the problem? Strawberries contain sugar, in case you did not know. It's not saccharose, but fructose, but it's still a sugar.

  6. yep i was a big square one fan too, although i think i was already in college majoring in computer science and math when it came out. i used to watch them and mutter 'if i had this when i was in grade school i could be going for a doctorate.'
    but yeah in this case sugar and fruit are not mutualy exclusive, think of a venn diagram (i think they had a skit about that too)

  7. Leah Goodman - Nice! :-)

    Calculus - Yeah, that's of course the only logical explanation. But it's much more fun (and makes for a more interesting post!) to assume that the jelly-makers don't know elementary math... :-)

    Faith/Emuna - I was also in college at the time, but I enjoyed the show as much as - if not more than - my younger siblings! :-) (And on a related note, Venn diagrams have appeared on this blog before...)

  8. i dont know how i came across it bc my brother is only 2 yrs younger then me. loved the detective stuff.
    never had the machane clothing problem, my boys' wardrobes basicaly consist of 'shirts that they did not buy in a store' and my daughter tried machane once or twice and decided it wasnt for her.
    i should probably try using a venn diagram for 'what my kids will eat for supper'.

  9. The sum of the parts appears to be greater than the whole in this case.

  10. Honestly, I never heard of this program, but thats what happens when you live without TV. Anyway, the flip side of the song's assumption of percentages is a cartoon an aunt of mine once showed me. It showed a mother with a sizable family telling another woman: "I don't divide; I multiply."

  11. I know we must use a lot of Heblish at our house but every time I try to think of something I draw a blank. Still working on it.

    PS Maybe the fruit accounts for some of the sugar?

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  12. Faith/Emuna - "i should probably try using a venn diagram for 'what my kids will eat for supper'."
    LOL! :-)

    Ariella - Very cute!

    Robin - Yes, that's what I think.


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