Saturday, October 30, 2010

Baruch Dayan Emet

For me, blogging usually serves as an escape from real life.

But sometimes, real life has a nasty way of intruding on the microcosm known as the J-Blogosphere.

Yet, this isn’t too surprising – considering that the J-Blogosphere is actually made up of real people, many of whom I now consider to be my real friends (whether or not we’ve met in person).

And like any friends, we share in each other’s joys. But also, רחמנא לצלן, in each other’s sorrows.

Like countless people around the globe, I feel as if I “knew” RivkA z”l from her blog, even though YZG and I were only privileged to meet  her in person one time – at the bloggers’ picnic she organized during Succot 5770.

As a matter of fact, this picnic was a perfect illustration of RivkA’s incredible bravery, warmth, exuberance, and optimism.

You see, in the wake of the previous summer’s J-Bloggers Convention, a few of us had discussed arranging an informal get-together. In lieu of sessions, lectures, or workshops, we were looking for a chance to sit around and schmooze.

We all agreed that such an idea would be great and that we really “should” arrange something. But the new school year was starting, and then the chagim were rapidly approaching…

Let’s put the plan on hold for now, everyone said. Maybe we’ll think about it in November or so.

Everyone, that is, except RivkA.

Quietly and without fanfare, she weighed possible dates, scouted suitable locations, took reservations, and gave out directions.

Then at the event itself, she greeted each participant with her trademark radiant smile and made us feel like we had been friends forever.

And when it was time to leave, she asked simply, “Can I give you a hug?”

Because, of course, that’s what friends do…

May RivkA’s beautiful family be comforted among the mourners of Tzion and Yerushalayim.

המקום ינחם אתכם בתוך שאר אבלי ציון וירושלים ולא תוסיפו לדאבה עוד.


  1. This is a lovely tribute. I am amzed at the number of people RivkA has inspired over the years and via the Internet.

  2. A *hug* to you too... because there are no words. The world has lost a truly wonderful woman.

  3. Thank you for sharing the simple story of the picnic. Truly, a tale of RivkA's great strength and warmth.

  4. Ilana-Davita - May her memory be for a blessing.

    Leah - B"H, hugs speak louder than words...

    Leora - RivkA kept talking about "next year's picnic". Sadly, it was not to be...

  5. Thanks for bringing back that memory! You added a smile to my day.

  6. Ruti - I'm glad that we have such a wonderful shared memory of RivkA z"l.

  7. Her hugs really were something, weren't they?

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  8. I also followed her bog and I am for once without words.

  9. Robin and Sheva - It's amazing how many people RivkA z"l touched and inspired around the world - with her hugs, her smile, and, of course, her blog.

    Shavua tov and chodesh tov!

  10. Thanks, Baila.

    .יהי זכרה ברוך


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