Thursday, August 28, 2014

Euphonic Friday: Coming Home Edition

Rather than commenting on the current ceasefire and its political, military, social, historical, or other ramifications, I instead refer you to my Ceasefire Pie post (which referred to the ceasefire at the end of Amud Anan).

Meanwhile, as I wrote in my most recent counteracting the meraglim post, now is the time for all of our dear brothers and sisters in the Diaspora to join us here in Israel and thus help us hasten the Geulah (the Redemption).

And on a related note, the Maccabeats released a new song this week:

!שבת שלום ומבורך


  1. Maybe I'm seeing things differently than everyone else who is raving about this song, but to me, it seems that the video was presenting two homes - NY and Jerusalem!

    1. Bracha - Ha! I actually had the same reaction...

  2. L’Shana tova ti’kateivu v’techateimu l’alter l’chaim tovim u'l'shalom!
    A gut gebencht yahr to you and your family, Mrs. S!

    1. Thank you, Laura! Shanah tovah u'metukah to you and your family as well!


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