Monday, December 5, 2011

J-Blogosphere notes

Several items of interest from around the J-Blogosphere:

1) Rabbi Stewart Weiss shares his thoughts after his recent visit to Prague.

2) A Mother in Israel has an amusing list of Hebrew bloopers made by new (and not so new!) olim. [As I noted in a comment, back when I was studying here in Israel after high school, I told an interviewer that I was going to be working with mechashaifim (wizards/sorcerers) instead of machshaivim (computers)… :-)]

3) Leora discusses a frightening incident which took place in her community last week.

4) Rafi G. reports that the government raised the threshold for applying customs on goods ordered via the Internet.

5) Toby presents another great collection of misspelled and mistranslated signs.


  1. Thanks for the link - though I so wish I could just be posting about all the wonderful things going on in the world. Hopefully, our little town incident will be included among the not-as-bad-as-it-could-have-been.

  2. Leora - Yes, I suppose it could've been much more, in so many ways. B"H that it wasn't...

  3. Hey there, thanks for the link! And good luck with your continued (I'm sure) preparations!


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