Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fine Arts Friday: Calendar edition

Every summer, in what has become an annual tradition, my mother prepares a family calendar for the upcoming year.

These beautiful printed-and-bound calendars contain family photos and mark everyone’s birthdays, anniversaries, and other important milestones.

Normally, my mother decorates the pages herself, but this time, she asked some of the grandchildren to provide appropriate drawings.

Three of the Shiputzim kids were among those assigned specific months, and here’s what they came up with (in ascending order, according to the young artists’ ages).

As always, feel free to click on the pictures for a closer view:

scan0001 February 2011 (roughly corresponding to Adar I 5771)

scan0002 May 2011 (roughly corresponding to Iyar 5771, including Yom HaAtzma’ut)

scan0003 October 2010 (roughly corresponding to MarCheshvan 5771, including Rachel Imeinu’s yahrzeit)

!שבת שלום ומבורך


  1. Lovely! And just in time for JPIX, too.

  2. Beautiful art. Does your mother ship to Europe?

  3. Ilana-Davita - Your comment made me smile! Shabbat Shalom!

  4. what a great idea! i love seeing the kids' lovely artwork, too-- it's always a fave of mine! there's something so sweet totally captured in little drawings made by little hands.

  5. Minnesota Mamaleh - The calendar is more elaborate each year, and I agree that the kids' artwork is a wonderful addition!

  6. Lovely, my daughter and her husband did one this year for the Jewish Calendar. Each month had a photo of their family.
    It's gorgeous.

  7. Batya - Your daughter's calendar sounds very special!
    !צום קל ומועיל


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