Monday, January 31, 2011

Around the J-Blogosphere

Several items of note:

1) I’m enjoying my 15 minutes of fame over at Miriyummy’s blog!

You see, Miriyummy and I have an extremely close a so-tenuous-you-can-barely-see-it-but-it’s-nevertheless-there real life connection.

In fact, this connection is yet another instance of Almost Acquainted Syndrome – a phenomenon which is unique to the Blogosphere. It refers to a case where two bloggers could’ve and/or should’ve known each other in real life but somehow never actually met before connecting online.

The list of other bloggers whom I “almost knew” in real life includes:

  • A Mother in Israel – who is apparently friends with half our neighborhood.
  • Baila and Leora – who are each connected to me in ways which can’t be disclosed due to security considerations.
  • Jameel – who not only went to college with YZG but whose family and mine go back several generations.
  • G6 – who’s practically related to me. (We’ve even discovered that we attended the same wedding over thirty years ago…)

2) The latest Haveil Havalim is available here. Special thanks to Chaviva for including my citrus fruit post. (Watch this space for two – count ‘em! two! – follow-ups to that post…)


  1. Scratching my head in wonder...

  2. Love finding these connections via the internet!
    They make life such fun :)

  3. Leora, maybe she means that you're Facebook friends or something?
    smile_teeth (that's what it says at the bottom of all your posts, Mrs. S. in my G Reader)

  4. Leora - I hope our email exchange cleared up the "mystery"... :-)

    G6 - Very true!

    MiI - smile_teeth

  5. I really enjoy your blog, G6 told me about it and I'm hooked on it ever since.

  6. You mean we're not really related? Or almost related? Do you read Judean Rose? Varda and I are sure we're related, especially since our families come from the same small town in Lithuania. Then there's Avital from This and That. Between the cooking, the knitting and the Doctor Who stuff, we are definitely sisters from another mister.

  7. Yekke Wannabe - Thanks for your kind words!

    Miriyummy - Maybe we ARE related. Or maybe my Lithuanian grandparents a"h were the 1930's equivalent of blogging friends with your relatives... :-)

    Ariella - Hey, I didn't make the list!
    That's because you make the very, very, VERY short list of "Bloggers Who I Actually DID Know In Real Life - Years Before Blogs Even Existed"... :-)

  8. What? Do you mean you are not related to me?

  9. Ilana-Davita - Well, we used to have French neighbors. (They've since moved about a block away.) Does that count? :-)

  10. It depends where they are from! :-)


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