Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Presidential shock

As many of you are aware, YZG was born in Yerushalayim.

Note to the “Committee of Concerned Citizens for Blog Security”: This blog’s Chief of Security (i.e. YZG himself) assures me that the above statement does not – repeat, NOT – constitute a security leak. In fact, as eagle-eyed readers will no doubt recall, he even authorized a previous release of this information – in the 1967 Kotel photo post.

But I digress…


So. Where was I?

Ah, yes.

YZG was born in Yerushalayim.

Needless to say, this is something I’ve known about for, well, a very long time.

But what never occurred to me – until last night, that is – is that YZG can never become President of the United States.

As you can imagine, the realization came as a bit of a shock for me.

Yet, nevertheless, I made it quite clear to YZG that I neither resent it nor hold it against him and that I’m well on my way to forgiving him.

Which is, IMNSHO, quite big of me.

Because, you see, if YZG can’t be President, I can’t be First Lady!

Of course, in and of itself, that wouldn’t be so bad.

For although the whole inaugural ball gown thing would’ve been nice, the drawback is that one’s expected to donate said gown to the Smithsonian at the end of the evening…

But the problem with not getting to be the First Lady is that now, if we ever want to move into the White House, I’ll have to be the one to run for President.

Which might sound like fun to you, but to me – not so much.

Because not only would I have to deal with boring things like campaigning and the economy, but – most importantly – I’m pretty sure that as President, I’d have to give up Our Shiputzim.

After all, BWP (=blogging while President) is more or less guaranteed to destroy the few remaining shreds of my “semi-anonymous” status…



  1. You donate the gown because you would not be able to wear it to another event after everyone has seen you in it at the ball. And I bet the first lady gets a nice tax deduction for that if she paid out of her own pocket for her gown. Yo do forget one little thing here: as you were born in the US, you can become president yourself and let your husband be first man.

  2. Ariella - you can become president yourself
    Actually, I discussed that in the last four paragraphs of the post... :-)

  3. Maybe he can become Israel's PM or president of Insrael. This would still make you first lady.

  4. Who needs all that goyish stuff? Here we have Purim for dressing up.

  5. Yeah, I think your fans are in favor of keeping your ever-entertaining blog alive, so please, don't run for office just yet!

  6. My brain wasn't functioning well yesterday. I even managed to misspell the word You. Apparently, Blogger accepts "Yo" as a valid word, which does say something about the evolution of the English language.

    But I don't think that becoming president necessarily means you have to give up blogging, though you may have to be careful not to discuss state secrets.

  7. Ilana-Davita - This would still make you first lady.
    True. But since we don't have inaugural balls here, it's just not the same... ;-)

    Batya - Good point. A black tie affair probably wouldn't go over that well with many of the MKs and governmental ministers... :-)

    Toby - {sighs dramatically} What I wouldn't do for my beloved fans... :-)

    Ariella - I don't think that becoming president necessarily means you have to give up blogging
    One thing is certain: Imagine how many blog hits I'd get each day... :-)

  8. I don't think they let you manage your own shiputzim of the White House. There are probably House subcommittees overseeing everything, down to the choice of toilet paper holders LOL.

    Personally, I'd rather marry a fabulously wealthy prince - all the romance and glamour, none of the political and governmental hassles, if you can stomach the occasional revolution.

    Oh wait, I'm already married. Nevermind then.


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  9. Robin - if you can stomach the occasional revolution
    Because, really, what's a mob of disgruntled peasants between friends? Maximum (to use the Heblish), they can always eat cake... :-)


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