Monday, March 8, 2010

Pre-Pesach giveaways

Warning: Although the following post isn’t specifically about cleaning, shopping or cooking, it does pertain to the pre-Pesach period. Proceed at your own risk.


What do the following things have in common?

  1. An allegedly non-breakable aquarium
  2. A functional but not overly powerful vacuum cleaner
  3. An old computer
  4. A used stroller
  5. Several computer monitors of assorted sizes
  6. A compact-size top-loading washing machine
  7. A computer printer in working condition

If you guessed that they were all offered – for free – on our local email list in the weeks leading up to Pesach this year or last, you’d be correct!

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not complaining.

After all, last year, we scored some great children’s books as well as a DVD drive.

But I must admit that it cracks me up that as soon as Purim ends, people immediately start offering everything, up to – and, possibly, including - the kitchen sink.

I mean, I can understand the urge to ditch give away one’s leftover chametz. (“Slightly unappetizing, half-eaten package of stale cookies. FREE! First come, first serve.”)

But what causes the most compulsive of hoarders to jettison his or her innate pack-rat tendencies and develop a sudden need to declutter?

The answer, apparently, is that Pesach preparations are all about trading one’s garbage for someone else’s…


What interesting items are currently being offered on your local email lists?


  1. (Hey, I think I'm the first commenter. Yay!)
    I can well relate to your post: my husband just carried down an old printer, TV set (a small one), and the dining table now has two printers and one TV set scheduled to go to Goodwill.

    Pesach is all about cleaning out one's chametz, "chametz" being interpreted as 'puffiness' or 'arrogance' or 'gashmi'ut' - take your pick!

  2. Here in Efrat they offer everything - booster seats, cabinets, old furniture, and clothing. But the funniest to me: pets! I've seen 2 dogs and a kitten in just the last day... maybe they're too stressed about having to buy kashl"ap food?

  3. I love your disclaimer. i have just posted my first Pesach post. I suppose it is high time I stopped being in denial.

  4. Lady-Light - I guess if it wasn't for Pesach, we'd all be awash in old electrical appliances... :-)

    Toby - LOL! The closest we've come to that is a boy down the block who's trying to get rid of 50 baby guppies.
    (Do you know anyone who's interested? :-) )

    Ilana-Davita - Hmm. Maybe it's time for me to repost the Our Shiputzim General Theory of Pesach Cleaning... :-)


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