Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ode to leftovers

So, we’re basically going to be having leftovers all week, right?” a certain Shiputzim son asked rhetorically.

His resigned tone of voice suggested that this was far from an ideal state of affairs.

However as far as I’m concerned, leftovers are our friends.

You see, in a normal week, I reserve the right to serve Shabbat leftovers at least on Sunday and usually on Monday as well.

After all, I figure, as long as I’m cooking for Shabbat, I might as well get a few weekday suppers out of it for the same effort.

But by Tuesday, the mumblings and grumblings tend to swell into a dull roar, and so any remaining leftovers are used for supplementation purposes only.

But on a week like this one – when we not only had company for Shabbat lunch but also hosted a large Purim seudah here in TRLEOOB* – I hold that the sheer quantity of leftovers exempts me from any further cooking. (That is, until I need to start thinking about this coming Shabbat IY”H.)

And now excuse me while I go prepare to quell any potential rebellions on the part of the young natives…


What’s your family’s approach to leftovers?


*TRLEOOB=the real life equivalent of our blog


  1. Leftovers certainly are a blessing for the cook who likes a rest every now and again. Especially as the other tasks don't disappear by magic while leftovers last.

  2. I also use leftovers, generally through Tuesday night! Sometimes I try spiffing them up, or changing them somehow, but not always... And no, my kids aren't always as enthusiastic about the approach as I :)
    So never fear - you're not alone!

  3. If I dare serve leftovers past Sunday all hell breaks loose...

  4. Same situation here - I'd do leftovers all week and my husband and I often do, but the kids refuse. (Well, ok, i'll eat anything but leftover chulent - that to me is just vile :)

    They don't get a choice on Sunday night however and sometimes i can convince them to do so one other time if there is something especially that catches their fancy or they just plain don't like the regular meal offering tha tnight.


  5. I find leftovers go over better if I serve them on Monday night rather than on Sunday. Typically, I cook enough for shabbat to ensure that we have enough for monday. My kids will usually agree to take some leftovers for lunch if I make parve sides that can be eaten room temp like sesame noodles or tabouli.

  6. Ilana-Davita - My sentiments exactly.

    Toby - And no, my kids aren't always as enthusiastic...
    Do I detect a touch of an understatement here? :-)

    Malke - LOL! :-)

    Shoshana - I'm not a huge fan of leftover cholent myself. But that's where one's teenaged son(s) come(s) in... :-)

    Rachel - I like your idea of waiting a day to serve the leftovers!


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