Monday, September 1, 2008

Tuesday. Definitely Tuesday

Helloooo, Our Shiputzim fans!

We begin today’s post by noting that we have reached another milestone: This is our 100th post. Not bad for a blog that was meant to last for only three weeks.*

In other news, everyone seems to have had a good first day (B”AH) at their respective educational institutions. (Specific details are available off-line from the Our Shiputzim information department.)

And turning to AMG’s closet, we have…. nothing.

Yesterday, the carpenter assured YZG that he’s going to call on Tuesday I”YH and then come on Wednesday. (Contact the Our Shiputzim bookmaker to lay your bets on the likelihood of this actually happening.)

Meanwhile, YZG and his talented team of assistants put up blinds in the boys’ room, as you can see here:


It’s hard to say which is more exciting – these window blinds or the attic light bulbs from this post. Feel free to weigh in on this issue in the comment section. YAT, I would really love to hear your opinion in particular.

And that’s about it for now.

See you next time on another enthralling episode of “Our Shiputzim”.


* As our long-time readers will no doubt recall, the kablan initially told us that the renovations would take three weeks – at the most. Since we never took him at his word, we weren’t disappointed when the three weeks dragged into… well, let’s just say that they dragged into more than three weeks, and leave it at that.


  1. i think there both very close but very very very very very very very far from roof views (which you should put some of those

  2. Hey, YAT! How were your first three days of school?

    I hear you about the roof views. In fact, SPYYZ suggested the same thing.


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