Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The carpenter chronicles

Hellooo, Our Shiputzim fans!

Yesterday, one of our favorite commenters asked:

“What about the carpenter did he come back…”

Funny you should ask, YAT, because you see, the carpenter actually came for a couple of hours on Sunday. And yes, as our long-time readers may have guessed, when he was leaving, he claimed that he was coming “tomorrow”. Understandably, we took that to mean that we would be seeing him some time next week or so.

Thus, you can imagine our surprise when he came for another few hours this evening.

But lest you think that he was turning over a new leaf, let me reassure you that on his way out, he once again announced that he would be back… all together now… “tomorrow”!

Feel free to leave a comment with your bet as to the date of the carpenter’s next appearance.

In completely unrelated news, we finally ordered some of the hardware (towel hooks, toilet paper holder, etc.) for the upstairs bathroom.

Now, I realize that some of you have been waiting with bated breath to learn if we went with metal or plastic. Moreover, I’m sure that others will want to know what color we chose and even what the fixtures look like.

But the thing is – if I tell you now, I’ll have nothing to blog about a different time. And besides, it has become something of an Our Shiputzim tradition to milk boring, trivial and inconsequential announcements for way, way, way more than their worth.

And so, I’m sorry, but you’ll have to wait for a future episode for all these fascinating details.

In the meantime, we wish you a good night from the entire Our Shiputzim staff!


  1. metal or plastic.

    ceramic ones are also available, are you discriminating on the basis of material?

  2. are you discriminating on the basis of material?


    Yes, I am.

  3. Ahh... but we chose a carpenter who lives across the street. He's a big mensch, actually; there was never any issue of him not coming back. And our kitchen looks wonderful.

    Good luck...

  4. A Living Nadneyda - Ironically, just about everyone we used - from the kablan to the plumber and, yes, even the carpenter - live here in our neighborhood. As I have noted repeatedly throughout this blog, in most cases this worked out extremely well. Our experience with the carpenter is the exception that proves the rule.

    But in all fairness, I should stress that he really is a very nice guy, and all joking aside, we are confident that eventually he'll finish the work. (The question is only "when"...)

    Good luck...

  5. (when)
    of course in three months

  6. Hi, YAT!
    Actually, he came back on Thursday - i.e. the very next day ("tomorrow"). But this time, when he left, he said he'll be back "within about a week"...

    Watch for future updates as soon as they become available...

  7. I'm not sure we shouldn't feel hurt that you are keeping us in suspense about what material you chose for the fixtures. But, I do understand the need to save material for another blog event (Can each blog instance be called a blog event? What is the correct term?) When you write "some of the hardware", can we hear which ones you ordered even if we aren't told what material?

  8. When you write "some of the hardware", can we hear which ones you ordered even if we aren't told what material?
    Hmmmm. I'll have to think about it and get back to you on this one...



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