Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Resident Ulpanistit’s Day Off

Just about two years ago, I blogged about the fact that Israeli high school seniors have almost no classes during the second half of the school year, and I noted that, ironically, a certain then-senior spent a weekday afternoon watching Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

Fast forward to the past couple of weeks, when a different high school senior of my acquaintance – namely, the Resident Ulpanistit - has been going on “sayarot” (i.e. going on interviews for Sherut Leumi (National Service) for next year IY”H) and, as a result, has missed quite a few days of school.

Thus, the following Super Bowl ad seems highly appropriate for today:

And in the meantime, watch this space for a full post about the Sherut Leumi application process in all its absurd, inane, and completely ridiculous glory.

B”N, I hope to finish said post as soon as the Resident Ulpanistit, well, “closes on” (if you’ll excuse my Heblish) a specific position…



  1. That's nothing compared the the weeks spent "trying out" yeshivot/hesder/mechinot by the boys. The good news when I was a yeshiva hs English teacher was that I got paid for cancelled classes, and the bad news was that there was no way of teaching all the material because of the cancelled classes.

  2. Batya - Good point! Although in my experience, most shvushim are much less than a week long... :-)


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