Monday, February 6, 2012

Guest post: Youth groups

TSG had to write a position paper for school on the pros and cons of belonging to a youth group (i.e. a tnu’at no’ar, for the Hebraically-oriented amongst you).

She graciously offered to translate it into English so that I could post it here on Our Shiputzim.

Take it away, TSG!


Position Paper: Youth Groups

Written and translated by TSG

Here are some reasons for and against youth groups.

Reasons for youth groups:

  • There are activities that you give you something to do when you’re bored.
  • A youth group is megabeshet. That means that it brings everybody closer together.
  • You learn different values.
  • You get nice prizes and yummy candies.

Reasons against youth groups:

  • There are trips that cost a lot of money.
  • Sometimes you get tired, because you go to sleep late.
  • Sometimes the activities are boring.
  • Sometimes, in games where there are two teams, there could be arguments.

I have reasons for and against, but I think that it’s good to go to youth groups.


Thanks, TSG, and great job!

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