Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Yerushalayim 1967

Many years ago, when the CTO was in third grade, he wrote an article about Yom Yerushalayim for his English class:

The Six Day War


When my father’s parents were first married, they came to Israel for four years. They lived in Jerusalem (Yerushalayim). My father was born in Israel. My father was born almost a year before the Six Day War (Milchemet Shayshet HaYamim). The Jordanians had half of Jerusalem. The Jordanian part of Jerusalem had the Kotel. My grandparents lived in the Israeli part of Jerusalem. Then the Six Day War started. During the first three days of the Six Day War, my grandmother and my father went into a bomb shelter (miklat). They heard airplanes, and they were very scared. Then they saw that the airplanes were Israeli airplanes. For the three last days of the Six Day War, my grandmother and my father came out of the bomb shelter. By then, the Israelis got back the Kotel. That year on Shavuot, everybody went to the Kotel.


The following pictures were taken in the summer of 1967:

Kotel 1967 (1)  As you can see, the Kotel plaza is still unpaved.

Kotel 1967 (3) YZG and his mother. YZG is sitting on the large rock just to the left of the big pile of rubble in the center of the first picture.

 Kotel 1967 (6) YZG being held by his father in front of the Kotel.

Kotel 1967 (4) The men’s side.

Kotel 1967 (8) The women’s side.

.ותחזינה עינינו בשובך לציון ברחמים

Happy Yom Yerushalayim!



  1. So amazing! Thanks for posting these, they're the coolest thing I've seen all Iyar :)

  2. Your photos are priceless and very moving.

  3. Toby and Ilana-Davita - Happy Yom Yerushalayim! Every year, these pictures become more and more incredible.

  4. Thanks, Yaffa and Batya! I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures.

  5. amazing post and the pictures are just priceless! thank you also for sharing your son's (is that right?) 3rd grade writing! as a former teacher, i couldn't possibly love that more! well done and thank you.

  6. Minnesota Mamaleh - Yes, the CTO is our son. He's now a high school senior B"AH, and he graciously agreed to let me post his 3rd grade writing here.

    The best line is: "My grandparents lived in the Israeli part of Jerusalem." As the CTO said when he reread what his younger self had written, "Ya think?!"

  7. Happy yom yerushalayim. I still say, "wow, very cool." -yaffa


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