Friday, May 7, 2010

Farming Friday: Radishes Edition

That crackling noise you hear is the sound of thousands of high school students across the country reluctantly joyfully hitting the books.

Yes, bagrut season has officially begun.

To that end, the Resident Ulpanistit was required to submit a biology experiment.

She and her lab partners examined the effects of different fertilizers on radish plants.

In total, they planted 30 radish seeds in six planters. For two of the planters, they used  potassium chloride; for the third and fourth planters, they used a commercial fertilizer; and for the fifth and sixth planters, they used no fertilizer at all.

Here are the results:

imageOverall, the commercial fertilizer was the most successful.

Kol hakavod to the Resident Ulpanistit and her friends, and good luck to everyone on their tests!

!שבת שלום ומבורך


  1. Do you get to eat the radishes in the end or is this not part of the experiment (which ones tasted best)?

  2. Good question! The Resident Ulpanistit says that they didn't taste the radishes.

  3. At least they study for something...

    Interesting experiment. One of my daughters did something on birds and had a local kid (one of her chanichim) climb up poles or trees (or both) to photograph for her.

  4. Batya - LOL that she got her chanich to help her out! :-)

  5. Jameel - Thanks, and good luck to your kids too!
    Happy Yom Yerushalayim!

  6. No compost? Compost is the best!

  7. Leora - Your gorgeous radishes are certainly proof of that! :-)


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