Wednesday, July 22, 2009

KCC 44

A beautiful edition of the Kosher Cooking Carnival is available here. Special thanks to Leora for including my oatmeal apple crisp recipe.

And speaking of food, feel free to share any interesting suggestions for dairy or parve meals in the comment section.

After all, IMNSHO, the difficult part of the Nine Days’ no-meat restriction is not really the lack of meat per se. Rather, the problem is trying to figure out a week’s worth of dairy menus. (This is what the Shiputzim family ate last year during this time.)

בברכת מהרה יבנה המקדש וחודש טוב


  1. Thanks for the link! And the participation.

    My favorite no-meat meal is Mimi's Fish Soup. I just made it for dinner tonight. I also made some mixed grain rice and put some of the soup contents on the rice.

    My kids like pizza. Or Wacky Macs. Sometimes I convince them to eat mashed potatoes.

  2. There are a lot of suggestions and thoughts about what to serve here, in me-ander: The "Nine Days" Cooking.

  3. Leora - Did your kids eat the fish soup? I can't imagine that most of the Shiputzim kids would even taste it.
    (The two things that everyone here likes are pizza and lasagna.)

    Batya - Your post is full of great ideas! Thanks for providing the link to it.


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