Sunday, July 26, 2009

Our Shiputzim: Certified international expert?

We briefly interrupt this blog to bring you the following fast-breaking news flash:

Google declares that the Our Shiputzim blog is the world’s leading authority on Israeli teenager slang.

Okay. Maybe they didn’t say that EXACTLY.

Not in so many words, anyway.

But if one does a search for teenager Israeli slang, one discovers that this blog comes in first. (Go ahead – see for yourself.)

Which, IMHO, suggests that Google believes that no one knows more about this subject than I do.

Of course, the ironic part is that the aforementioned search leads to my post about Facebook statuses*, which – as anyone who has actually read it knows – discusses the fact that neither I nor any other Anglo parent understands Israeli teenager slang.

However, if the erudite Rav Google holds that I’m “big in” (excuse my Yeshivish) this field, who am I, a lowly and humble J-blogger, to argue?

And, so, the next time you need some information about Israeli teenager slang, please don’t hesitate to ask me.

I’ll gladly refer you to a certain well-known search engine for details…



*BTW, I wrote a follow-up to my initial Facebook post here.


  1. Certified by Rav Google!

    I have a question for you: how would you say in Hebrew - "Don't think just about yourself?" This is a bit of a trick question, and it has to do with a photo I saw in Amit magazine. I'll explain after you respond.

    FYI, my cousin, who has lived in Israel for over 40 years, says he doesn't always understand his teenage kids (he also had "kids" that are married with kids of their own). They talk fast and in code.

  2. Leora - According to my kids, one would say:
    "אל תחשוב רק על עצמך".
    (Does the Hebrew come through on your computer? If not, here's a transliteration: "Al tachshov rak al atzmecha.")

    Looking forward to your explanation...

  3. Pshhhtt... Very impressive. Look how choshuva you've become. ( ;

  4. SR - Yes, but no matter how important I've become, you don't have to worry - I won't forget the little people...

  5. OK, thanks. AMIT magazine didn't include the "rak." The teenagers sign said אל תחשוב על עצמך
    which bothered me, because some of us were raised to be a little too self-sacrificing. But then they translated it as Don't think only of yourself.

    Minor detail, but it bothered me all the same.

  6. Well, that is just חבל על הזמן!!!!!

  7. Leora - That's very interesting. I wonder if the translator deliberately added the word "only" in order to account for American sensibilities? (After all, one of the first rules of translation is "know your target audience".)

    Baila - !חחחחח :-)

  8. Great news. Congratulations!

  9. I'm so proud ;) (that's the "nachas face")

  10. Imma - So how does it feel to be the mother of a Google-approved maven?

  11. Jewish Side of Babysitter - Thanks!


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