Thursday, August 7, 2008

The week in culinary review

Helloooo, Our Shiputzim fans!

Since we’ve already established that food posts make excellent blog fodder, I think we’ll go that route again.

Today’s topic is:

What did you have for supper each night this week?

Please leave a comment, and tell us about your meals during the Nine Days.

I’ll get the ball rolling by posting what we had:

Sunday: Fish sticks, salad, and canned corn

Monday: Pizza

Tuesday: Tuna croquettes, mashed potatoes, and cut up vegetables

Wednesday: Vegetable soup, parve schnitzel and parve hot dogs, pita, potato chips, and cut up vegetables

Thursday: Lasagna and cut up vegetables

And now it’s your turn: The comment section is at your disposal.

Sorry, but we didn’t take any pictures of any of our meals.

Instead, here’s a picture of some of the materials for the closet in AMG’s room:


And also:


You probably won’t be able to get an exact feel for the color, but this should give you a general idea.

As with the bathroom cabinet, the carpenter is I”YH supposed to come after Tisha B’Av and put the closet up.

On that note, we wish all our readers an easy and meaningful fast.

בברכת מהרה יבנה המקדש

ושבת שלום

The entire Our Shiputzim staff


  1. Here's a picture of all the parts of AMG's closet that the carpenter brought so far. The picture is a stitch of two pictures. I stitched the pictures with Windows Live Photo Gallery (for Windows Vista or XP).

    The picture can be viewed here.

  2. Thank you, ASG.
    The stitched picture is very cool!


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