Thursday, May 7, 2009

A chazan with a sense of humor

At supper this evening, Our Shipuzim’s roving reporter YZG shared the following vignette:

Today was Erev Pesach Sheni, and as a result, there was a whole controversy in shul during Mincha. The question was whether or not Tachanun should be recited.

A lively debate ensued, and all sorts of sources were cited. Some congregants noted that Tachanun is not recited on the day before a festival, but others responded that Erev Pesach Sheni is an exception to that rule.

In the end, some said it, and others did not.

The chazan opted to include himself in the former group.

However, he made sure to raise his voice when he reached the words, “Va’anachnu lo neida mah na’aseh* in the final paragraph.

Everyone cracked up…



* Va’anachnu lo neida ma na’aseh – literally, “and we do not know what we will do”…


  1. I need something to write for the comment... if I don't say anything, some people will get scared...

    LOL! (Is that good, or is it still scary?)

  2. MAG - It's still scary...

  3. If I'm still scary then: Beware of MAG!!!

  4. Nice to have an rabbi who can laught at himself.

  5. Jameel - YZG says that it was really very funny!

    Ilana-Davita - Actually, from what I understand, the rabbi wasn't there. If he had been at the minyan, he probably would've ruled decisively one way or another. But since he wasn't around, no one knew what to do...


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