Monday, May 18, 2009

Just another typical Shabbat here in TRLEOOB*

*TRLEOOB = the real life equivalent of our blog

Although some of the older Shiputzim children were away this past Shabbat, we certainly don’t want them to feel that they missed anything.

And so, allow me to present:

A Shabbat Mealtime Conversation

Me: {noticing that the dishwasher is open} Thank you to everyone for clearing, but I expect the dishwasher to be closed. Part of clearing the table is closing the dishwasher.

{A chorus of “I wasn’t the one who left it open;” “Yes, you were, you cleared the last dish;” “Nuh, uh, you put a fork in afterwards;” “Can’t be, because I was already sitting back at my seat;” is heard.}

Me: {tries to end the bickering} Okay, so from now on, no one sits down until the dishwasher is closed.

YZG: {grateful that I inadvertently served as the perfect comedic foil} That’s right. You have to stand up for a Rav, for a talmid chacham… and for the dishwasher.

ESG: {with a twinkle in his eye} So, when the dishwasher comes in, I have to stand up?

Me: Yes, if a dishwasher ever comes in, you should DEFINITELY stand up!

MAG: And after Shabbos, Imma’s going to put this on the blog…


Good guess, MAG!


  1. and what if there are two dishwashers, one a bigger dishwasher than the other. will the smaller dishwasher have to stand for the larger dishwasher

  2. Anonymous - Good question! I believe that the poskim address this issue as well. I suppose you should CYLDE...

    *CYLDE = consult your local dishwashing expert

  3. We have similar scenarios in our house; this weekend it was "Who left the Monopoly game on the stairs."

  4. Leora - "Who left the Monopoly game on the stairs."|
    I think I know the answer: "Not Me"...


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