Monday, July 28, 2008

The world according to ENG

“You don’t play games to win. You play to have fun. But winning is still good, because if, let’s say, you get a million points and then you win, you have fun.”

- ENG, right before she announced that she was waiting until the end of a recent Othello game to decide which team she would be on. (By what can only be described as sheer coincidence, each time she opted for the winning side.)


See here for a previous example of an ENG-ism.


  1. if you are not actually playing, this would seem to be the proper strategy.

  2. As anonymous posted, ENG seems to have game theory down pat.
    (well what you expect from somebody with initials eng?)

  3. what you expect from somebody with initials eng?
    Yeah, I guess the engineers in the family WOULD pick up on that...



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