Wednesday, July 2, 2008

La’pancake sheli shalosh pinot

Hellooo, Our Shiputzim fans!

Not much has been happening on the renovations front: The carpenter has yet to show up; we started to look around for furnishings for AMG’s room and the bathroom; and since ASG has been very busy B”H, the playroom is still filled with the furnishings from ASG’s room.

In short, there’s not much to blog about.

The problem is that as the intervals between posts increase, we find that we’re slowly losing our readership.

What to do? What to do? What… to…. do….

I know! I’ll write about food. It may be way off-topic, but everyone enjoys reading about food, right?

So, here goes…

We’ve recently added a new quick and easy meal to our supper repertoire: triangle pancakes.

I originally saw this idea on the Israel-Food list, and it proved to be quite the hit here in TRLEOOB (the real life equivalent of our blog).

We use the standard recipe for so-called “Kallah Latkes”, but instead of frying, we pour the batter into the sandwich maker. This means that the resulting pancakes are not only healthier and less fattening… but they look really cute, too!

Feel free to try this out at home.

B’tayavon and good night from the entire Our Shiputzim staff.


  1. Food is always interesting...But there are some of us out there who (don't be shocked) don't have a sandwich maker. So what do we do?

  2. how about a waffle maker

  3. But there are some of us out there who (don't be shocked) don't have a sandwich maker.
    But then how do you make toast-with-an-Israeli-accent (as compared to toast-with-an-American-accent, which is made in a toaster)?


  4. how about a waffle maker
    Sorry, I can't help you here. We haven't had a waffle maker in ten years...


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