Monday, July 7, 2008

Head [but not] shoulders above the rest

We briefly interrupt our blog hiatus to bring you the following report:

So there I was, blow-drying [aka “doing a fen”, for the Hebraically-oriented among you] my freshly washed shaitel. MAG was kindly helping me by holding the shaitel head in what can only be described as a choke hold.

In a glance, YZG took in the situation and dashed out of the room. In practically no time at all, he was back with a wooden board, a cardboard box, a cardboard tube, a used CD, a plastic CD case, some nails, and a hammer in tow.

Then, in a scene straight out of “MacGyver”, he quickly proceeded to construct - see? this isn’t off-topic at all! – a [perhaps temporary and makeshift yet highly functional and very sturdy] stand for my shaitel head.

Here’s a picture of the stand:


Here’s a close-up of the nails:


The Our Shiputzim editorial board wishes to take this opportunity to express our appreciation and gratitude to YZG and to commend him for his very fine work.

In other news, the carpenter has still not arrived, but yesterday, he assured us that he would be coming “by the end of this week.” Meanwhile, ASG’s room has been more or less rehabilitated, and we are making slow-but-steady progress on the playroom.

We will of course bring you pictures as they become available.

And now back to your regularly scheduled hiatus…


  1. That is a very nice stand for your wig. I don't want to show off, but, coincidentally, MFT just upgraded my Version 1.0 wig stand (that he made) to Version 2.0. The main new feature enables rotating the head on a swivel. I now don't have to rotate the stand or the head. The head would squeak when the styrofoam would rub against the wooden pole. Since I got a lot of complaints about the sqeaking, it's vey nice that there's no squeaking now. If YZG would like to consult with MFT, I'm sure the swivel can be explained. The problem is the swivel can only be bought in Sweden.

  2. The problem is the swivel can only be bought in Sweden.
    That does put a damper on things, doesn't it?

    I should note that your wig stand was definitely YZG's inspiration. However, he wants it to be clear that his was just a quick-and-dirty solution and not intended for long-term use.

    And finally, this is exactly why you need a blog. How else are we all going to get to see your Wig Stand 2.0?


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