Sunday, July 20, 2008

Bloggin’ the fast away

Remember way back in the olden days? We’re talking about the early years of the 21st century – circa 2001-2004? Y'know, back when there was really only one effective way of spending the waning hours of a fast: reading cookbooks.

Well, fortunately, due to the miracles of modern technology, there’s now another way. Yes, you guessed it: It's called blogging.

So, on that note, allow me to bring you up-to-date.

We begin with the carpenter, who [surprisingly... NOT!] did not come by the end of last week after all. Instead, he told us that he's planning on coming tomorrow I"YH. (Hint: Don't hold your breath. We're certainly not. smile_teeth)

Meanwhile, YZG and his talented team of assistants began putting up the screening last week.

Here's a view from the outside:


Here's what it looks like inside:


Let's zoom in a bit, shall we?


After YZG finishes putting up the screening around the entire porch, he hopes to I"YH add some wood to the bottom of the screening. This way the screening will no longer hang below the porch from the outside. Also, we will then be able to latch it down and prevent it from flying out in the wind.

The Our Shiputzim staff wishes all of our readers an easy and meaningful fast.

May the Three Weeks be quickly transformed into a time of joy and celebration.


  1. this seems like a lot of work. could not your technical staff have come up with a software filter to keep the birds out?

  2. It may be a lot of work. However, since our resident freelance computer expert charges 40 NIS/hour, we figured that this way is cheaper.


  3. I would like to commend the major new addition to your addition. You now have a screen porch--just like in the old days in US (i.e. the alte heim). Remember our den started as a screen porch?
    Very nice. When I nextcome I'd like a comfortable chair, a book, a nice cool drink, and I'll be quite content. ;)

  4. When I nextcome I'd like a comfortable chair, a book, a nice cool drink
    We'll see what we can do for you...


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