Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Avnei Eitan Redux

We interrupt your completely unscheduled blog hiatus to bring you the following post.


Seeing as tonight is Zot Chanukah – i.e. the last night of Chanukah – I figured I should first share some Chanukah pictures before posting more about the bar mitzvah.

And so, without further ado, here are some shots from our amazing weekend in Avnei Eitan, a beautiful moshav in the southern Golan Heights.

In case you’re wondering why the name “Avnei Eitan” sounds familiar, it’s because two years ago, we also spent Shabbat Chanukah in Avnei Eitan.

In fact, this year, we even stayed in the exact. same. tzimmer as last time*:

IMG_6272 The tzimmer’s exterior

IMG_6273 The living room

IMG_6327 Lighting the Chanukah candles, as seen from outside

Please feel free to click on the pictures for a closer look, and for more pictures from Avnei Eitan, be sure to check out my original Avnei Eitan post.


And with that, we will [hopefully] NOT be returning you to your completely unscheduled blog hiatus…



* Actually, it wasn’t really such a coincidence that we returned to the same tzimmer. As it so happens, the owner and I went to elementary school together… </further proof that Israel is a tiny country>


  1. Hope the blog hiatus is over! For our sakes.

    Looks like a nice place - cozy and comfy. Do you get a commission? ;-)

  2. Nice place. i didn't know that you used the word "trimmer" but can see that the interior also evokes an Alpine chalet.
    Don't forget to send this post to JPiX.

  3. Leora - "Do you get a commission? ;-)"
    LOL! I really should... ;-)

    Ilana-Davita - Apparently, the word "tzimmer" comes from the German "zimmer." In modern Hebrew, cabins/bungalows/vacation homes are called "tzimmerim."


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