Thursday, July 21, 2011

Plus ca change…

Dedicated member of the online world that I am {ignores the snide comments about how I shamelessly neglect my poor blog}, I felt that it was only right that I join Google Plus as soon as I received an invite* a couple of weeks ago.

And since I know that you’ve all been anxiously waiting for my take, here goes:

Within seconds of signing up, I realized that my life had changed forever. Google+ is precisely the app I’ve always wanted…


(i.e. staaaaaaaam!, for the Hebraically-oriented amongst you)


Conventional wisdom apparently holds that it’s a great improvement over Facebook**, but I honestly don’t understand why.

As far as I can tell, relatively few people have joined, and most of them post the exact same things that they post on Facebook.

I’m obviously missing something, because I just don’t get it. </politically-incorrect confession>

What’s your opinion of Google+?


*Please feel free to send me an email if you’d like an invite.

**For comparison’s sake, here are my initial impressions of Facebook.


  1. It's much more intuitive; it lets you post only to whomever you wish to when you wish to easily; the interface is much better; Hangouts is amazing (!); and I'd say that a majority of my feed I'm interested in, whereas on Facebook I'm barely interested in the "Top News" stream, it's so cluttered with garbage, let alone the regular stream which I can't even look at anymore.

  2. Ezzie - Thanks! Proof of my utter cluelessness:
    Me: {reads your comment} What are Hangouts?
    YZG: {raises eyebrows} You're on Google+, and you don't even know what Hangouts are?!!!

  3. I love it, though I've never "hung out" with anyone there. The people I talk to on Google+ are people that I've networked with professionally.

    I post very differently to FB than to Google+. It's like my Twitter world but slower and with much more conversation.

  4. Ok, I should probably be ebbarrassed to post this here, but i thought google plus was just an improved version of google.

  5. I think I joined it, but I haven't visited. It's frozen/ignored like twitter. I just can't do everything.

  6. Leora - The people I talk to on Google+ are people that I've networked with professionally.
    That's interesting. I find that as of now, most of the people in my circles are people who I originally connected with online.

    Malke - Want an invite? :-)

    Batya - It's frozen/ignored like twitter. I just can't do everything.
    That's the main reason why I'm still not on Twitter.

  7. So far my feelings have been very similar to yours. I guess that I feel I spend enough time on FB without wasting more on Google+. Yet I am open to persuasion.

  8. Ilana-Davita - Yet I am open to persuasion.
    That's exactly how I feel.

  9. I would love for it to be integrated on Hootsuite, which allows me to post to Twitter, FB, and LinkedIn simultaneously. Now, I have to be sure to go to Google+ if I want what I'm writing to appear there as well.

  10. Ariella - I imagine that it's only a matter of time before it is...


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