Thursday, July 28, 2011

But never on a Sunday

Picture this:

It’s Motzai Shabbat (i.e. Motza”Sh for the acronym fans among you).

You recited Havdalah; your Shabbat guests packed up, said their goodbyes, and left; and your Shabbat dishes were washed, dried, and put away.

And now, you can sit back and relax, because your weekend is only half over---

{cue: sound of blog post coming to a screeching halt}

Or, maybe not.

Because if you live here in Israel, your weekend is just about over.

After all, Sunday is the first day of the work/school week, and so now’s the time to focus on things like picking out clothes for the morning, packing lunches, and organizing schoolbags.

But relief may be in sight, because a number of activists and politicians have recently proposed that Sunday become a day-off from work/school.

As Jameel explains:

“According to the proposal, Saturday and Sunday will be official days of rest while Friday will become a half day work-wise...and an extra 30 - 60 minutes would be added to Monday to Thursday's workdays.”

Overall, I think this is an excellent idea.

Because as it stands now, Election Day is pretty much the only chance we have to schedule family get-togethers, trips, or casual outings.

And since it’s probably not in the national interest to have Election Day more than once every couple of years, it would be really nice to have a weekly equivalent (albeit without the government falling and the entertaining political commercials…).

But I have to admit that one aspect of this new proposal concerns me.

Under the current system, most professionals don’t work on Friday – hence, the popular saying:

“Even in chu”l (the Diaspora), they have Shabbat, but it’s only in Eretz Yisrael that we also have Erev Shabbat…”

There’s nothing as amazing as an entire country spending the day preparing for Shabbat – each person in his or her own unique way.

And while it’s true that one can certainly manage to get everything done on Thursday night – as we used to do, before we made aliyah - it’s just not the same.

Back in my corporate America days, I’d usually eat lunch at my desk during the winter months. It was the only way I could make up the hours, so that I could leave at a semi-reasonable time on Friday.

Meanwhile, YZG would rush home every Friday - just in time to jump into the shower before dashing off to shul.

I can’t say I miss any of that.

So, I guess the question is:

Would having Sundays off be worth the price?

What do you think?


P.S. The latest Haveil Havalim is available here. Special thanks to Esser Agaroth for including my most recent Heblish post.


  1. Ummm, once upon a time, not so many years ago we had a six (count 'em 6!) day work week here. And we made Shabbat. We can do it. Yes we can. Sunday would totally be worth it!

  2. Everything in life comes at a price.

    Wouldn't it be nice if you could pick your ideal week?

    I would work on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Mondays would be spent thinking about work. Thursdays would be spent doing black magic so I wouldn't have to shop for Shabbat. I'd do the cooking on Fridays, anyway. That's not as bad as shopping in the heat.

  3. Risa - We can do it. Yes we can.
    LOL! :-)

    Leora - I like the sound of that! :-)

  4. I am used to working Mondays to Fridays (lunch time) and then rushing off. Then on Sundays I usually work quite a lot but at home preparing lessons and marking papers.
    I wouldn't like having to go back to school straight after Shabbat but maybe this is because I have never tried anything else.
    Leora's plan is appealing. :-)

  5. I can't imagine going back to Fridays and work. Of course, some people do work Fridays and even Shabbat here.
    Not my original idea, but I'd prefer celebrating Rosh Chodesh as a day off. OK it's once a month, but that will keep it more special.

  6. Ilana-Davita - Leora's plan is appealing. :-)
    I agree! :-)

    Batya - The Rosh Chodesh idea sounds like it could be a good compromise.

  7. Sorry I haven't been around lately... but here's my vote, better late than never: Yes to Leora's plan! And if we can't get them to agree to that, then *absolutely* give me Sundays! I've been waiting for them so patiently, it would be totally worth it!

  8. Sunday Sunday Sunday!

    Which is more important?

    A Relaxing Motzei Shabbat and Melaveh malka, knowing you can start the week easy?

    Or a hectic erev shabbat (I think Erev Shabbat is always hectic, and fills up all available time anyway)

  9. Toby - We really have to figure out a way to implement Leora's plan! :-)

    Jameel - "A relaxing Motzei Shabbat"
    I can't even remember what that's like... :-)


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