Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday on Tuesday

Shavua tov, Our Shiputzim fans!

In the comment section to the previous post, Jameel provided yet another excellent reason for making aliyah: vacation on Election Day.

Yes, that’s right. Here in Israel, Election Day is a national holiday.

And – most significantly - unlike every other Israeli national holiday, Election Day has no specific religious component.(Other than perhaps praying that one’s party of choice does well, of course…)

Thus, like most Western olim, we here in TRLEOOB (that’s The Real Life Equivalent Of Our Blog, for the newcomers amongst you) like to refer to Election Day as “a Sunday”. In other words, a day where one has absolutely no obligations*.

As some of you may recall, the previous elections (or was it two times ago?) came out a few weeks before Pesach, and Election Day that year was popularly known as “National Pesach Cleaning Day”.

But this coming Tuesday הבעל”ט, we don’t even have to worry about Pesach cleaning. (I do realize that if you’re like certain long-time Our Shiputzim readers who started their Pesach cleaning on Chanukah, YMMV…)

And so, after we stroll over to our local polling station and perform our civic duty, we’ll IY”H have the rest of the day to do whatever we want.

Including doing absolutely nothing…



* Admittedly, this doesn’t really apply to freelancers like myself, but at least, we don’t have to worry about getting the kids out in the morning, etc.


  1. holy moly, I might actually spend some awake time with my husband. WOW!

  2. triLcat - Now you understand why Israeli governments never last their full terms. It's because our illustrious politicians know that our country's new mothers need to spend some time with their husbands...

  3. yes, I was really hoping the government would fall for just this reason - I don't expect the next one to be any better.

    We got married last elections - the night before elections. Our marriage lasted longer than the government :)

  4. G-d willing, we'll have a family day, as most of the kids still vote in Shiloh.

  5. Please don't mention Pesach cleaning on a post before Purim. I start to get hives.

    Enjoy election day!

  6. triLcat - "I don't expect the next one to be any better."
    Sadly, you're probably right.

    Batya - Enjoy your family day!

    Leora - I know what you mean...

  7. Being me (one of the ones who start way before purim) I must ask and what's wrong with starting pesach before purim? If you don't, it can't get done in time ;) The real problem with starting early is dealing with the complaints of local children about the lack of food before pesach. She even tells anyone who will listen how "there's nothing to eat in this house". Oh well....

  8. Imma - "If you don't, it can't get done in time."
    In time for what is the question...
    (And please tell SET that she can always come here if she gets hungry!)

  9. Jameel - LOL!
    If there's one thing that the entire country (both the Left and the Right) agrees upon it's that a "National Day Off From School And Work" is an excellent idea!


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