Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A tale of two graduations

There’s nothing more annoying than a blogger who blogs endlessly about a perceived slight or insult.

Thus, I suspect that when you saw this post’s title, many of you were [mistakenly] concerned that this would be yet another rant about a certain gan graduation which was – to my dismay - not designed for online mockery.

Seriously, enough already with the mesibat siyum,” you probably shouted at your computer screens. “Besides, it’s not the gannenet’s fault. After all, a beautiful-yet-blogworthy-graduation is an oxymoron. It simply cannot be done…

And so I’m here to tell you that this is not true. There’s no need to sacrifice blogworthiness when planning end-of-year celebrations.

After all, the organizers of a recent yeshiva high school graduation somehow managed to pull off this seemingly-impossible feat.

You see, although the graduation didn’t have a processional, graduation gowns (made in Israel or otherwise), a valedictorian, diplomas, or the other trappings of traditional American graduation ceremonies, it was a lovely, moving, wonderful, and fitting tribute to the yeshiva and this year’s graduating class.

And yet nevertheless, the organizers skillfully – and thoughtfully! - included two amusing elements which warmed my blogging heart:

1) The organizers had (intentionally?) neglected to tell the boys what to wear to the graduation, and thus a significant percentage initially showed up wearing regular everyday clothes.

However, when they realized that many of their friends were wearing white shirts (most likely at their parents’ prompting), the casually-dressed graduates immediately took action.

Some quickly called home and had their parents bring them something to change into. Others had hedged their bets and were thus able to put on the white shirts they had brought along “just in case.” (I believe that credit for this bit of advanced planning also goes to the parents…)

And so, by the time the festivities had begun, the majority of the graduates were appropriately and uniformly attired in white shirts…

2) And then there were these:

IMG_1478Five words: Handmade construction paper graduation caps. Need I say more?


Now THAT’S what I’m talkin’ about…


  1. Had some of them made those hats?
    Now that these kids will be let free in the big wide and wild world, who will remind them about white shirts?

  2. Why should graduation be MORE formal than a wedding in Israel?


  3. Ilana-Davita - Judging by appearances, I'd say that either some of the boys made the hats themselves, or, more likely, they got their little sisters to do the work for them... :-)

    Jameel - LOL! Good point! :-)
    And that would explain why they only had round plates - instead of square ones - at the graduation dinner...

  4. omg you are too funny! this is seriously priceless! i, for one *never* yell at my screen because of your posts. but i do still like square plates :)

  5. Minnesota Mamaleh - Don't worry. I won't hold it against you... ;-)
    And on a related note, are square plates as common in your area as they are here in Israel?

  6. yes, yes they are! i have a whole serving set in squares (did i just give you the heeby-jeebys?!).

    as for regular-old place settings, that's hit-or-miss with whether or not you're currently in the market for a new set.

    but square serving dishes are *very* popular right now. have no fear, lady! if i was hosting you, i'd find some circles. or ovals! :)

  7. Minnesota Mamaleh - LOL! :-)
    But actually, I kind of like square serving pieces. I'm just not a big fan of square individual place settings...


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