Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A little consideration, please

Sadly, being a blogger isn’t always as glamorous as it seems.

I mean, on the rare occasions when we step away from our computers, we’re inevitably dismayed to discover that our online fame and fortune 4.56 NIS don’t carry the same weight in the real world.

The main problem is that, strangely enough, many people fail to take bloggers’ needs into consideration when making plans and organizing events.

Take, for example, the recent gan graduation (i.e. the mesibat siyum - מסיבת סיום – the end of year party).

After documenting the first two major dates on the gannenet’s calendar – namely, the infamous gan meeting and the Chanukah party - I’d been looking forward all year to blogging about the third one.

Indeed, the resultant post was to have been the concluding panel in my gan highlights triptych.

But when the mesibat siyum finally rolled around, all my hopes and dreams were shattered.

Because, you see, the party wasn’t amusing!

Yes, it was beautiful. Yes, it was heartwarming and emotional. Yes, the kids did a wonderful job. And yes, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

But funny? Absurd? Open to ridicule and mockery?

Not so much.

And so, dear readers, I must unfortunately disappoint you and regretfully announce that there will be no mesibat siyum post after all.

Which naturally begs the question: Is there any reason why the gannenet couldn’t have designed a blog-worthy program?!



  1. At least the kid in question will have nice memories.

  2. Very inconsiderate of the ganenet. But seriously, I think you also look at uit differently when it's your youngest finishing gan, it IS emotional. I know I felt that way.

  3. Ilana-Davita - As will I, BA"H...

    Malke - Hmm. You're saying that I may have let my emotions block my blog-fodder radar and thus missed the party's blogworthy moments? Interesting. I guess the lesson is: When going to milestone events, always take an extra dose of cynicism and sarcasm along, to counteract the negative effects of sentimentality on one's blogging...

  4. Or maybe you're more influential than you think! Maybe the ganenet read your previous two posts and learned from them :)
    Mazal tov!

  5. lol too funny! so sorry that it wasn't blog-worthy but congrats are in order for your little one's shining moment!

  6. Toby - The gannenet reads my blog! But of course! Why didn't I think of that! And it would also explain why there were no fire hazards at the Chanukah party...

    Minnesota Mamaleh - Thanks for your good wishes!

  7. Too bad that "ooltra" is "out" this year ;-)

    Our gan party revolved around "music" as a theme...including a rendition of the Hebrew "Doh Ray Me."

  8. Jameel - To use the Heblish phrase, it really is a חבל! {sighs longingly} An ooltra at the party would've made an awesome post...


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