Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Seeking the truth

On one hand, blogging is a great way to while away the waning hours minutes of a fast day.

But on the other hand, hunger-induced dullness doesn’t exactly lead to witty, fascinating, or even coherent posts.

Thus, now’s the perfect time for a blogging cop-out to list some of the more amusing search terms which led to this blog.

And, so, without further ado, here they are:

  • goat herding problem
  • things my shaliach never told me
  • operation cast read
  • the song that never ends
  • bilingual blues
  • is second to none a good thing
  • "two kitchens" are necessary for Passover
  • how to say work in progress in French
  • how to make smoked tuna
  • name of the goat in the lonely goatherd
  • how to speak with an Israeli accent
  • naf naf grill
  • Hephzibah written beautifully in the Hebrew language
  • making good mud for wallowing
  • snowball games for the first day of class
  • truth about aliyah
  • why teenagers deliberately misspell

.צום קל ומועיל

Have an easy and meaningful fast, and may all the fast days soon be transformed into festivals and days of joy.


  1. Interesting items. I get some strange ones too sometimes.

  2. I dare you to wrie a post with each of those headings...

  3. Ilana-Davita - I always wonder if the people behind the completely irrelevant ones ever found what they were looking for...

    Malke - LOL! Feel free to guest blog... ;-)


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