Sunday, January 17, 2010

HH and Talking about the parsha

Two completely unrelated items:

1) The latest Haveil Havalim is available here. Special thanks to Jack for including my post about Israeli names.

2) This morning, ACGAC* asked me if Paroh’s daughter Batya was affected by the makot (the Ten Plagues).

After all, the Jews were famously spared, but Batya wasn’t Jewish. On the other hand, she did save Moshe Rabbeinu’s life, and the Torah uses the name she chose for the baby. So, it would seem that she deserved to avoid punishment as well.

Your thoughts?


*ACGAC=a certain gan-age child of my acquaintance


  1. Good question! Maybe I'll ask my family at dinner time.

  2. Took a quick survey:
    1) Daughter said no, she wasn't affected.
    2) Husband said I don't know.
    3) Middle son said yes, even if she wasn't physically affected by the makot she was *emotionally* affected by seeing all her friends and family suffer.

    To which husband conceded, that makes sense.

    Eldest son is nowhere to be found - I think he is at a friend's home.

  3. Leora - I like your middle son's nuanced, thoughtful answer.

    Thanks for playing along at home. :-)


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