Thursday, November 26, 2009

Stand in judgment

Warning: The following post may lead to the shattering of a long-held and cherished childhood belief. Proceed at your own risk.

Essentially, Chodesh Irgun* – accurately described by Baila as a “month long color war” – is a competition between the various shvatim (age groups).

And like any competition, Chodesh Irgun requires judges.

Traditionally, the judges are usually alumni of the snif (chapter) who, for one reason or another, do not serve as madrichim (counselors).

Which brings me to today’s shocking revelation.

But first, I think you should prepare yourself. Are you sitting down? Do you have a glass of water handy – just in case?

I hate to have to disillusion you like this, but the truth must be told.

{gulps and prepares to blurt out the stunning news}

The system is… rigged!!

{checks to make sure that none of the readers have fainted}

The judges, you see, are really just symbolic figureheads, who have absolutely no say. Instead, the madrichim are the ones who decide in advance – at one of their many yashvatzim – who will win.

I realize that this is all deeply disturbing.

But aren’t you relieved to know that our intrepid reporters – and their reliable inside source - are on the case?

And in related news, it turns out that I’m an investigative blogger after all...



*Yes, I AM aware that I’ve been milking Chodesh Irgun for far more than it’s worth. Why do you ask? ;-)


  1. Shocking, yes. Kind of. Sadly, I think I would have been more shocked ten years ago :)

  2. But only where Mrs S lives!

    In our place I have witnesses to say that it is not

  3. Toby - Hmm. Do you think readers who don't know me in real life will realize that I wrote this post tongue in cheek? That's the problem with the Internet: irony and sarcasm don't always work. (For the record, my sole reaction to the "rigged" judging was amusement...)

    Keren - Interesting. I wonder how common it is to "fix" the outcome, as they do in my kids' snif.

  4. You may have blogged about this several times but I have found it very interesting. It doesn't look like anything I know.

  5. Ilana-Davita - It doesn't look like anything I knew either...

    Shabbat Shalom!

  6. re rigging: I think that where we live they made sure that each group won something (even a humerous catergory) (after seeing the performances etc).

  7. Keren - Yeah, they do that here too. My favorite was when the new shevet - i.e. the one that was about to enter chaba"b (Chevrayah Bet - the senior division) - won for "chababnikiyut" (the quality of being a chababnik)...


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