Monday, August 11, 2008

Judging our books by their covers (or, rather, their spines)

Helloooo, Our Shiputzim fans!

I hope you all had an easy fast and are now enjoying your music/fleishigs/haircuts… and, of course, your laundry! (For the record: we just started Post-Tisha B’Av Load #3, aka “BA”H - A Drop in the Bucket”.)

Some of you have inquired as to the state of the playroom. I’m pleased to report that although we’re not yet finished, we’ve certainly come a long way.

For instance, the library committee* managed to finish sorting and shelving the playroom books, as you can see here:


And here:


And also here:


To our pleasant surprise, we found all sorts of books which we had forgotten about. Also, now that everything is classified according to official OSS rules (that is, the Our Shiputzim System, of course!), it’s now much easier to find a specific book.

The Our Shiputzim editorial board would like to take this opportunity to thank the library committee for their fine work. In particular, the board is highly appreciative of AMG’s bookbinding and repair efforts. Go, AMG!!!

That’s about it for now, but don’t forget to watch this space for future updates.

Have a good afternoon from the entire Our Shiputzim staff.

P.S. To those of our readers who are traveling abroad this week: Have a good and safe trip, and please feel free to check in while you’re away.


* Library Committee: Chair – Our Head Librarian; Members - AMG and TSG

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