Saturday, February 23, 2013

Heblishization of the Megilah III

In honor of Purim and brought to you by
the producers of the now-legendary Heblish translations of
Mah Nishtanah, Esther 3, and Esther 5,
the Our Shiputzim Editorial Board and OOOFNHS
(=one of our favorite native Heblish speakers) proudly present:

The Official Heblish Translation


Megilat Esther - Chapter 7 

(1) And the king and Haman came to drink with Esther, the queen.

(2) And the king said to Esther also in the second day, in the mishteh of the wine, “What is your question, Esther, the queen, and it will be given to you. And what is your request, until half of the kingdom, and it will get done.”

(3) And Esther, the queen, answered, and she said, “If I found chein in your eyes, the king, and if it is good on the king, my soul will be given to me in my question and my nation in my request.

(4) “Because we were sold, I and my nation, to destroy, to kill, and to lose. And if to slaves and to slaves-that-are-girls, we were sold, I was quiet, because the narrow is not equal in the damage of the king.”

(5) And the king, Achashveirosh, said, and he said to Esther, the queen, “Who is he this, and which is he, that filled up his heart to do yes?”

(6) And Esther said, “A narrow man and an enemy, this bad Haman!” And Haman was kicked from before the king and the queen.

(7) And the king got up in his anger from the mishteh of the wine to the garden of the bitan. And Haman stood up to request on his soul from Esther, the queen, because he saw, because she ended to him the bad from the king.

(8) And the king came back from the garden of the bitan to the house of the mishteh of the wine, and Haman is falling on the bed that Esther is on it, and the king said, “Also to capture the queen with me in the house?” The thing went out from the mouth of the king, and the face of Haman chafu’d.

(9) And Charvonah, one from the sarissim, said before the king, “Also, here the tree that Haman made to Mordechai, that talked good on the king, is standing in the house of Haman, tall of fifty amah!" And the king said, “Hang him on it!”

(10) And they hanged Haman on the tree that he got ready to Mordechai. And the anger of the king shachechah’d.


¡ɯıɹnԀ ʎddɐH

םירופ חמש!


  1. "That filled up his heart to do yes"
    Love it!

  2. "and the face of Haman chafu’d" - I love all of your Heblish translations!!

  3. I'm sorry I didn't see this until know - I haven't been online enough :) Super fantastic! One of my very favorite perakim, made even better - who would have thought it was possible...

  4. Toby - Thanks! BTW, we're taking requests for which perek we should "translate" next year IY"H... :-)

  5. And then there was this:


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