Saturday, November 19, 2011

J-Blogosphere notes

Several items of note:

1) Rav Natan Slifkin lists the seven wonders of the Jewish world.

2) Maya has some great tips for getting what you want in Israel. (Mazal tov to Maya and her husband on the birth of their baby daughter!)

3) Rafi G. shares a very funny pretzel commercial.

4) Laura baked a well cake and ring cookies in honor of Parshat Chayei Sarah.

5) Batya discusses the future of the Jerusalem Light Rail.

!שבוע טוב


  1. Thanks so much for including me! I think these little mini "carnivals" are very important and helpful.

  2. Batya - I agree. Among other things, they help create a real sense of community.

  3. Thanks for including my post. I agree that these round-ups really do create a sense of community. I really loved Maya's post about getting what you want--clever advice for dealing with people in any country, actually.

  4. Laura - Very good point! Because in spite of all the cultural differences, human nature doesn't really change.


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