Wednesday, August 17, 2011

National Parks: Palmachim Beach Edition

Located not too far from IKEA (you can stop there on the way), Palmachim Beach is, I believe, Israel’s newest national park.

It’s not that the beach itself is new, of course. (In fact, YZG and I have pictures of ourselves there as newlyweds over twenty years ago.)

It’s just that the Israel Nature and Parks Authority only assumed control of the beach – which had been part of a private concession - over the past year.

Which is great for two reasons:

1) The Parks Authority is slowly working to clean and upgrade the beach. The facilities have already improved, and now there are bathrooms and picnic tables. (Neither existed when we were there last summer.)

2) But more importantly, now that Palmachim Beach is a national park, I have an excuse to blog about it…


First, the traditional shot of the price list - to show how much money we saved as a result of our National Parks Authority membership. (Actually, this time, we only saved 5 NIS. Even members have to pay 15 NIS for parking.)


In order to avoid the crowds, we like to arrive at about 5-6 PM, when most people have left or are starting to leave.

This gives us time for some splashing around in the water and perhaps even time for kite flying, before enjoying a picnic supper as we watch the sunset.

Here’s a view from the parking lot as we arrived:IMG_4627 

The setting sun:


And a later view from the parking lot:

IMG_4691As always, please click on the pictures for a better view. 

Which beaches have you been to this summer?


P.S. The latest Haveil Havalim is available here. Special thanks to Susan B. for including my most recent Heblish post.


  1. Looks beautiful. Thanks for sharing such lovely photos!

    Parking fee - maybe next time you should walk? ;-)

  2. Leora - As usual, I get no credit for the photos. YZG and the kids took the pictures.

  3. Gorgeous! We're going to the beach in Ashdod this afternoon, I hope I can get a sunset as pretty as yours!

  4. The photos are gorgeous. So congratulations to YZG and your children.
    The last time I went to the beach was last Wednesday, in Populonia (Tuscany).

  5. Toby - Thanks and besurot tovot!

    Ilana-Davita - The last time I went to the beach was last Wednesday, in Populonia (Tuscany).
    That means that - like us - you were also on a Mediterranean beach... :-)


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