Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Looking for advice in all the wrong places

Everyone knows that making Pesach is like planning a military campaign.

Yet, surprisingly, the inverse isn’t necessarily true.

Because as recent events ironically proved, military experts aren’t always the best source of information about Pesach recipes.

It all began innocently enough.

Reader HR (Hi, HR!) was looking for a non-gebrochts brownie recipe and turned to Be-All-You-Can-Be for advice.

At this point, I should perhaps remind you that Be-All-You-Can-Be is not only the official Our Shiputzim military advisor, but he also happens to be quite the maven about wind turbines.

But, apparently, when it comes to Pesach recipes, Be-All-You-Can-Be’s expertise fails him.

For, you see, he mistakenly assured HR that I had a very good potato-starch-based brownie recipe – when, in fact, this is very much NOT the case.

After all, here in TRLEOOB*, we make our Pesach brownies with matzah meal (albeit without water).

Thus, the lesson for us is twofold:

  • For questions about strategies and tactics, Be-All-You-Can-Be is definitely your man.
  • But for baking assistance, you might want to look elsewhere…


On a related note, our Baker-in-Chief (aka the Resident Ulpanistit) made Pragmatic Attic’s non-gebrochts chocolate cake this year to rave reviews:

IMG_3949The Resident Ulpanistit frosted it with the chocolate berry glaze, which appears at the end of the post.

And finally, no discussion about non-gebrochts desserts would be complete without mentioning Mimi’s amazing Chocolate Covered Lemon Almond Macaroons. (The Resident Ulpanistit whipped up a double batch for Shabbat Chol Hamo’ed, and you’re all invited to come taste for yourselves...)

!מועדים לשמחה


*TRLEOOB=the real life equivalent of our blog


  1. I made the macaroons too. I had forgotten how lovely they are.

  2. Ilana-Davita - They're always a big hit here!

  3. That chocolate cake looks really great. I have two layers of the cake unfrosted in my freezer--I think I will glaze them.

    And those macaroons look fantastic and easy.

  4. PragmaticAttic - Thanks again for the cake and glaze recipes! I just saw your apple kugel recipes and bookmarked them for next year IY"H... :-)

  5. Thanks, Mrs. S . . . and if you need a non-gebrokts brownie recipe, I have one that I have made three times this Pesach (oh, wait . . . maybe that isn't something I should be admitting . . . . I won't tell you how much sugar I went through in baking this year for Pesach).

  6. I love brownies and anything that has chocolate in it

  7. Laura - LOL! Our Pesach sugar consumption far exceeded our matzah meal AND potato starch consumption...

    Y W - Me too! :-)


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