Sunday, November 28, 2010

Kaf Tet B’November

Several items of interest from around the J-Blogosphere:

1) Tomorrow is Kaf Tet B’November (literally, the 29th of November) – the anniversary of the day the UN voted in favor of the 1947 Partition Plan. Jameel shares a film about the historic vote.

2) Due to the ongoing drought, the Chief Rabbinate has called yet another fast day for tomorrow. In the meantime, those of us fortunate to be living in this incredibly beautiful yet autumn-challenged country can enjoy Leora’s stunning fall foliage shots.

3) The latest Haveil Havalim is available here. Special thanks to Homeshuling for including my negotiation post.

שבוע טוב וגשום לכולם!

May we finally be privileged to enjoy a winter filled with rains of blessing!


  1. I was wondering where the latest HH was hoted; now I know. Thanks a lot!

  2. Ilana-Davita - Glad to be of service... :-)

  3. We don't get the call, we get the "I forgot to give you this note." The note is usually remembered sometime around 9:30 PM, right before bedtime, and we have to produce either 4 packages of hot dogs, or 12 packages of marshmallows, or 6 bottles of some radioactive colored drink. Of course, none of that is in the house. Of course, at that time, the local makolet is closed. Of course, the car has been taken by a license-enabled teen. Of course, bedtime is now tear-laden. Of course, someone now has to hot-foot it to the makolet at some unGodly hour in the morning, before someone has had a chance to charge up with some coffee. Why don't they ever ask us for pickles? We have enough pickles in the house to last us through a nuclear fallout.

  4. Miriyummy - A few years ago, our son's school decided to save money by instituting a one-note-per-family policy for school newsletters etc. In other words, when a family had more than one son in the school, only the oldest brother would be given a copy of the note.

    But then the school remembered that most notes never make it home. At best, the boys cram the note into their pockets - leaving their parents to discover the soggy wad of paper when it comes out of the laundry. And at worst, the notes get lost even before the boys leave school.

    And so, the school quickly went back to giving notes to every student - even if the student had brothers in the school. That way, the odds were at least somewhat improved that the parents would eventually see the note...

  5. Well, I'll be, I get quoted along with the declaration of a national fast day. Hmmm. Oh, thank you, is what I'm supposed to say! And let it rain.

  6. Leora - And let it rain.
    It sounds like you're getting more than enough to go around... :-)


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